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안녕, we are mimo mimo

As second-generation Koreans, our roots have driven us to create a unique connection between Korea and Europe. Mimo Mimo emerged from a deep appreciation for skincare and a desire to celebrate our cultural heritage. Rather than just another brand or retailer, we see Mimo Mimo as a heartfelt nod to our origins.

Our mission? To highlight the gems of South Korean Skincare – a curated selection that marries traditional wisdom with modern innovation. When you step into our store, you aren't just browsing products; you're experiencing the very heart of Korean Skincare. Every item on our shelves has been meticulously chosen for its proven quality and results.

But Mimo Mimo offers more than just skincare. It's a journey into the rich tapestry of Korean beauty practices, blending time-honored rituals with contemporary techniques.

Drop by our Mimo Mimo Boutique in Vienna or explore our online space. We're eager to introduce you to a piece of our world.

MIMO 미모 (Beauty)

Taking inspiration from the Korean word "미모" (pronounced 'mi-mo'), which translates to 'beauty' or 'lovely looks', we named our brand Mimo Mimo. It's our way of honoring the diverse beauty that each one of us embodies, regardless of age, gender, or background.

With our curation of products, we aim to celebrate this inclusivity and amplify the beauty we all share. As the Korean saying goes, "너의 미모는 눈부셔" – "Your beauty is blinding me." Together, let's illuminate the world.

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